Life School Mastery Membership

At CoachPath, we know that Personal Development is not only required for you to be able to succeed at the level of your dreams, and it is, an ongoing process. We also know that finding people who are just as willing, able and committed to the process of continuous growth is not so easy. That’s why we created CoachPath’s exclusive Life School Mastery Membership.

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Once you have completed the 10-week Life School Intensive, you are invited to join us in our exclusive Life School Mastery Membership where we take a deeper dive into the work of creating the life you deserve, intentionally connecting with people who are on a similar path and do the work together.

When You ENROLL in the Life School Mastery Membership, not only do YOU BECOME PART OF A GROWTH-OREINTED, LIKE MINDED COMMUNITY, but there is so much more!!

How Does Life School Mastery Membership Work?

  • Each month, Life School Mastery Membership presents a Foundational Monthly Theme that goes directly to the heart of your Personal Development.
  • Each Month, Life School Mastery Membership has a highlighted Program in the Student Portal centered around the Monthly Theme.
  • Each Month Life School Participants are invited to attend an hour-long Live Q&A with Coach Jille Bartolome, MCC to ask specific questions related to the Monthly Topic. These Live Q&A’s are scheduled at various times so that everyone has an opportunity to experience them Live and if you have miss it, they are recorded so you can access it anytime.
  • Each Month has a relaxing yet powerful, Guided Meditation that coincides with the theme of the month or one of the many programs inside your Life School Mastery Membership Portal.
  • Opportunities to connect with your Life School Mastery Membership Communities both virtually and live.
  • Life School Mastery Membership begins with the same themes every year with more and broader programming as it continues. This is a dream membership for anyone who considers themselves a life-time learner.
  • It doesn’t matter what month you join since Life School Mastery Membership Programming is not progressive, but each piece is totally necessary to your success.
  • Early Registration for the Life School Mastery Membership begins November 9th, 2020 with a special rate for founding members of $39.00 per month for the life of your membership.

Please register here to be notified when the Life School Mastery Membership Early Registration opens.