In this Episode we have a very special guest Jenny Remington with us.

Jenny Remington is a professionally trained coach from CoachU and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation. She has empowered countless executives, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, managers, engineers, parents and more to reignite their career, discover their path or realign their life.

Jenny’s mission is to boost happiness and positivity, create a strong vision, nurture inner strength and to live mindfully. Jenny has a gift for bridging the personal with the professional, and personal self-care becomes a part of most client’s growth through the coaching relationship.

Jenny Lives in Austin with her husband, two growing boys and her schnoodle named Gus.  When she’s not coaching, Jenny loves to practice yoga, read, write, to bring people together, stand up paddle boarding, and enjoy deep conversations with people she loves.

And what I know about jenny is the she is thoughtful, kind, introspective and integral.

During this Episode, Jenny will answer theses questions:

What is the true definition of Self Care?

What makes Self-Care a priority for you?

What is so important about self-care for people who want to make the most of their “Life School”?

What does it meant that “self-care is an inside job"?

What is the unique transformation that a person who has high standards of Self-Care can expect?

To know more about Jenny and her Self Care Circles and other programs that Jenny is offering,  visit her website at


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